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The Rafida Foundation aims to enact the famous words of The Lady: "Eliminate the figureheads of denial".

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Our in-house team and Her Advocates volunteer network aim to maximise impact. Here are some of our current projects:

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Save Our Souls

We've lost track of how many converts we've interacted with. Here are some of our interviews documenting fascinating conversion stories from across the world.

Somali Sister Converts After Discovering Attack On Fatima

"One of the major factors that pushed me to take my conversion was the video that Rafida Plus translated about Umar threatening to burn the house of Fatima down (peace be upon her); this affected me a lot! Sheikh al-Habib, may Allah lengthen his life, also had a significant impact on me. He is a great man. He knows what he is talking about and how to make the truth clear."

Reality Of Abu Bakr & Umar Brings Brazilian Sister To Shi'a Islam

"Another series that helped me was a series on the Rafida Plus channel titled “Aisha The Prophet Slayer”. This series allowed me to know Aisha’s true character and was a critical factor in my acceptance of Shi’a Islam."

Critically Acclaimed French Scientist & Author Accepts Shi'a Islam

"I am a prominent French scientist and have authored many notable works and books in my field. I am also a public figure, having featured in documentaries. I wouldn’t be able to reveal my identity publically as my family’s life would be at risk due to currently living and working in a country known for heavy Shi’a persecution for their beliefs."

Salafi Brutality Leads Somali Convert To Shi'a Islam

"Salafism is dominant in Somalia. Their followers are violent and close-minded. This kind of behaviour has ruined our country; fear causes people to hide their beliefs. Somali Shi’a, in particular, are hugely targeted and killed if seen practising their faith. Alhamdulillah, with the aid of Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them), we are managing, and things are progressing."

I Dreamt Of Blood On Aisha’s Hands Says Shia Convert

"In my first dream, I saw the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) giving the keys of the land of Fadak to Lady Fatima (peace be upon her), and Umar was trying to stop this from happening. Another dream was about the physical abuse that happened to Lady Fatima (peace be upon her). A’isha was also in this dream and had blood on her hands."

Mr And Mrs Sakil Find Their Way Past Anti-Shi’a Propganda

"Mr and Mrs Sakil mentioned how they were excessively lied to about the Shi’a religion by those around them who they trusted, but that they found their way through honest and unbiased research."

From Catholicism To Shia Islam: A Journey Of An American Convert

"I discovered Sheikh al-Habib’s videos after weeks of research. I was deeply moved by his series, ‘Scandal: Aisha killed the Prophet Muhammad’ and ‘Aisha The Prophet Slayer’. My debates with a Sheikh in Wisconsin at the time did nothing but confirm historical events I was made aware of after watching these videos. I could not find myself disagreeing with anything he said."

The Oppresion Of Khamenei Leads Ismail To Rafida Islam

"Ismail was born and raised in a strict Christian family and converted to ‘Sunnism’ at the age of eleven. He thought Shi’a Islam was strange due to the consistent propaganda pumped at him until he came across the videos of Sheikh al-Habib. This allowed him to discover Shi’a Islam to be the authentic version of Islam."

Sheikh Al-Habib And Sheikh Shehata Lead Mahrous To Shia Islam

"I cannot thank Allah enough for all his blessings and am very grateful for being on the guided path. I ask Allah to grant me Shahada. As Sheikh al-Habib said, if the foes of Allah end our lives, this will be a great victory for us. My advice to anyone who is still confused is to listen to the lectures of Sheikh al-Habib and Sheikh Hassan Shehata, and you will indeed find your way."

Moroccan Family Of Thirteen Enter Shia Islam Together

"Brother Hassan, his wife, and their nine daughters and two sons have all converted to Shi’a Islam by the grace of Allah. This Moroccan family says they found Allah’s true path by way of listening to Sheikh al-Habib’s lectures and other programmes on Fadak TV. They feel blessed that they live in an age where technology allows us to research and gain knowledge."

Incoherent ‘Sunni’ Beliefs Cause Nigerian To Turn A New Leaf

"One of the reasons that caused me to doubt ‘Sunnism’ was that their scholars’ views were, in all honesty, very illogical. So much confusion and mess. Even though I became less convinced by the ‘Sunni’ ideology, I still did not want to look into Shi’a Islam because of the false accusations I heard by many ‘Sunnis’ around me. After some time."

Irish Convert: ‘Sunni’ Since 1992, Shi’a Rafida Since 2020

"The behavior of some of the companions revealed to Farouq who the hypocrites mentioned in the Qu’ran were. It became evident to him that the true and untainted path of Islam was that of Shi’a Islam. Farouq says he was able to identify the rights of the Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them) through knowing their enemies."

Zakariya Accepts Shia islam After Waleed Ismail Debate

"I noticed that all the Shi’a I knew or met applied Taqiya in their lives. I was ultimately against this, but it still affected me, and I was very aware of the problems that would occur if I were an open and proud Shi’a. I couldn’t imagine being a Shi’a and living a life under Taqiya, in a state of weakness and disgrace. Once I discovered Sheikh al-Habib."

Saved Sect Narration Takes Adel From Sufism To Shi’a Islam

"Adel is originally from Sudan and currently lives in Libya. He previously followed the Maliki school of thought, while most of his family are Sufis. Adel’s journey to Shi’a Islam started ten years ago when he discovered the prophetic narration: ‘My nation will be divided into 73 sects, all will end in the Hellfire except for one’."

’Sunni’ Converts To Shia Islam Through Sheikh Aa-Habib Lectures

"The contrasting beliefs about the ‘companions’ of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) pushed me to research Shi’a Islam. Individuals such as Umar, Uthman, and A’isha (may Allah curse them eternally) were loved by the ‘Sunnis’ yet hated by the Shi’a. From this, I began to read about their lives and their general history."

Yemini Converts Through Supplication In The Name Of Lady Fatima

"Muhammad from Yemen suffered from severe personal issues. Through a friend’s suggestion to supplicate by the name of Lady Fatima and Umm al-Baneen (peace be upon them both), his prayer was swiftly answered! This experience pushed brother Muhammad to research Shi’a Islam, initially looking into the event of Karbala and the life of Imam al-Husayn (peace be upon him)."

They Told Me To Leave History In The Past

"My journey with Shi’a Islam began when I started questioning why the Shi’a cursed some of the companions. It used to take me by surprise that those around me would try to prevent me from speaking to the Shi’a, telling me that their ideology is very dangerous. I now understand it was due to their fear of exposure to the truth."

Family Of Five Embark On The Ark Of Salvation

"We, a family of five, have chosen this religion because it is the straight path. We abandoned our previous faith, ‘Sunnism’, as it became clear that it is a fabricated version of Islam. One only has to look at all the fabricated narrations attempting to uplift corrupt characters such as Umar."

Isaa Embraces Shi'a Islam After 4 Years Of Research

"Isaa realised that he had been following a false religion, the religion of those who opposed God’s Messenger (peace be upon him and his family). When he tuned in to Sheikh al-Habib’s research lectures, he recognised that he was discussing true Islam."

Former ‘Sunni’ Imam & al-Azhar Graduate Converts After Reading Article Insulting Shi’a Islam

"I have noticed that they hide and alter large amounts of information. For example, the saying, "Whoever dies and does not know the Imam of his era will die upon pre-Islamic ignorance." You should ask yourself, who are these Caliphs? Your research will show that we must follow the twelve Imams after the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and not the kings, politicians, and oppressors."

Hearing Sheikh al-Habib Curse Aisha Led Muna Yusuf To Shi’a Islam

"A video of Sheikh Yaser al-Habib cursing the 'companions' and A’isha initially made Muna feel uneasy, but her curiosity led her to search for Sheikh al-Habib's lectures."

His Heart Found Ease Upon Visiting A Shi’a Mosque For The First Time

"When my father was very ill on his deathbed, I requested him to pray that Allah would show me the truth whenever and wherever it may be. My father made the following supplication for me before passing away: "May Allah enlighten your heart and show you the truth." Praise be to God, my father's supplication was accepted."

Abu Al-Hussain's Spiritual Bond With Imam Hussain.

"Brother Abu al-Hussain highlights the profound impact that Hadith al-Thaqalayn and the event of Ghadeer Khumm had on him."

Umar's Disrespect Pushed Khalid to Convert!

"After dreaming about being on a ship, symbolizing the ark of salvation for the Prophet's progeny, I took it as a sign to begin my research."

Abu Adel's Research Led Him To The Path Of Allah.

"Abu Adel, a scholar from Niger, believes that the path towards truth involves interacting with eminent scholars and studying their works."

Oppression In Egypt Will Not Deter Us From Converting To Shi'a Islam!

"We face a lot of struggles here in Egypt. There is widespread anti-Shi'a sentiment, and many people would rather see us imprisoned than deal with us. As a result, we are deprived of our rights and freedoms and face criminalization and prosecution. ."

Adopted Shi'a Islam Due To Omar's Disrespect For Our Prophet!

"There is a hadith by Al Shafi'i about Omar (may Allah's condemnation be upon him), which reveals the truth. "

Nine Moroccans Convert Through Sheikh al-Habib!

"Our brother Fareed listened to many lectures by Sheikh al-Habib and broadened his research, leading to the conversion of 10 individuals to Shi'a Islam."

The "Microphone of Egypt" Show On Fadak TV Led Hamza To Shi'a Islam.

"He was eager to watch the programs "Shi'a's Call" and "Microphone of Egypt".

Abd Al-Rahman Explored Shi'a Islam, Intrigued By Imam al-Mahdi..

"He watched numerous lectures on YouTube by Sheikh Yaser Al-Habib."

Muhammed, A Malian Brother And 20 People Recited The Shahada Together!

"They discovered that Imam Ali was the Caliph after the Prophet (peace be upon him). This revelation came from listening to Sheikh Yaser's lectures and conducting further research, which led them to the right path."

Suhail Discovered The True Islam Through His Shia Friends!

"Many Sunni Muslims claim that Shia people do not practice Islam properly."

Om Yusuf And Her Daughter Were Among The Many Converts On The Blessed Day Of Eid Al-Ghadeer!

"The number of people embracing Shi’a Islam, particularly on the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Ghadeer, is truly astounding."

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We've lost track of how many Shi'a converts we've interacted with. Here are some of our interviews documenting the fascinating conversion stories of men and woman across the world.


Purchase one of our self-published books. All proceeds go right back into our projects.

The Orthodox Shia Methodology: al-Fahisha’s Nine Introductions

This work is an excerpt from the book 'Obscenity - The Other Face of Aisha', by His Eminence Sheikh al-Habib, with an addition of two new chapters. The author provides deep insight into the major faults within the Shia world, and the psychological barriers and fictitious concepts that imprison the minds of the Shia population and prevents them from enacting their constitutionalised rights - even in modern liberal nations - in expressing their thoughts and beliefs openly. In particular, their right to public reprehension and unapologetic critique of early figures in Islamic history whom Muslims at large have granted an illusionary sanctity. The book tackles key elements of the orthodox Rafida Shia methodology practised by the first generations of Shia as taught by the Infallible Imams (peace be upon them) and invites the Shi'a to re-adhere to their sacred, yet unfortunately forgotten, identity.

The Murder of Muhassin: The Prophet's Third Grandson

The martyrdom of the Prophet’s third grandson, al-Muhassin son of Ali (peace be upon them both), is a day to remember every year. On this day, we commemorate the tragic death of this stillborn foetus due to the savage attack Umar ibn al-Khattab waged on the house of Sayeda Fatimah al-Zahra (peace be upon her); the only daughter remained after the martyrdom of the holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him and his pure family).It was only five days after Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his pure family) had returned to His lord, when Umar ibn al-Khattab along with an association of malefactors broke into the house to take the legitimate Commander of the Faithfuls, Amir al-Mu’minin Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him and his father), by means of terror and absolute force to pledge allegiance to the illegitimately appointed Abu Bakr son of Abu Quhafah.The Day of the attack is considered to be the most grievous, tragic, atrocious and irremediable calamity to ever befall the pure household of the Prophet (peace be upon them). It is in fact more agonising than the day of Ashura on which the Master of Martyrs, al-Hussain son of Ali (peace be upon them both), was brutally slaughtered on the plains of Karbala.It has been reported that Imam Jaffar al-Saddiq (peace be upon him) had said: “There is no tragedy like ours at Karbala, even though the day of Saqifah and the day on which the door was burnt on Amir al-Mu’minin, Fatimah, al-Hassan, al-Hussain, Zainab, Um Kulthoom and Fidah; on which al-Muhassin was killed by the kick is greater and worse because it is the origin of the Day of Torment.”

Umar’s Trial: The Calamity Of Thursday

This work places Umar b. al-Khattab on trial for the infamous Incident of the Pen and Paper, also referred to as the Calamity of Thursday, when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) was hindered from writing down divine guidance that would keep his nation from straying off the path.An indisputable mark of shame in Islamic history, it was Umar b. al-Khattab - who later became the second to usurp the position of the caliphate - responsible for the hindrance as he proclaimed, “The man [i.e., Prophet Muhammad] is hallucinating!”.The details of this event are a crucial aspect of any individual's evaluation of Umar b. al-Khattab, and a critical reservation in Shi’a Muslims’ condemnatory position towards him. As Sheikh al-Habib endeavours to prove, beyond any doubt, the behaviour and utterance of the second tyrant at this incident are self-evident of his hypocrisy, disbelief, and opposition to the religion of Islam.

A Concise Shi’a Qur'anic Exegesis

With the permission of The Office of Sayed Sadiq al-Shirazi, we provide you with a translation of the Qur’anic exegesis, Taqrīb al-Quʾrān ilal-aḏhān, authored by Sayed Sadiq’s late elder brother, the great scholar and jurist, Sayed Muhammad al-Husayni al-Shirazi. He was a man coined as Sultan al-Mu’alifeen, or ‘King of the Authors’ for authoring over a thousand books - a feat that no other scholar in the history of Islam has achieved, and more than likely, not any scholar of any field.